I am not going to debate,  argue, and cause brotherly discord over disagreements that doesn’t compromise our suffiency, dependency, devotion, and totally reliance on Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith unto anyone that  continue to abide in Him and allow Him to abide in them in full complaince with the Holy Spirit filling, leading, guiding, directing correcting, and convicting us.

You have the choice to not come on my page if you disagree with me, but I will not allow anyone to continually disrespect me when I have kindly and respectfully informed them that I am not going to debate over man made doctrines, ideologies, traditions of men, and etc.

I am going to share the whole counsel of God on my page which includes His Love, Mercy, Grace, Compassion, Judgement, Wrath,  unsound doctrine, warnings about lukewarm believers, goats, tares, exposing those that are using His Grace as a license to sin in correspondence with those who undermines His Grace as well, and much more as the Lord and the Holy Spirit leads me.

It is so sad that many are appending themselves to doctrines of men instead of Jesus Christ. Many  are only anchored in a Pastor, Theologian, or a man made doctrine instead of total dependency on Jesus Christ to be their foundation and chief cornerstone.

You will know them by their fruits because they will always  try to defend their doctrine of men and will have very little to say about Christ and all that he taught in its Entirety which His Apostles and followers never compromised.

I have listened to countless teachers, pastors, theologians, evangelists,  and etc. but I refuse to be anyone’s puppet except for Jesus Christ.  If you choose otherwise that’s your choice.

For me it is only Jesus Christ who is the Same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Apart from Him, I am nothing, and I can do nothing.

I pray we all continue to cry out and humble ourselves unto Him with our hearts,  souls,  minds, and spirits to conform us to His Image becoming less and less of ourselves and more and more  like Him which can only be accomplished by means of Him,  and the Holy Spirit filling, guiding, leading, and correcting and convicting us like I previously mentioned.

Be blessed everyone and continue to fight the good fight.


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