The Compromising Of The Gospel


Tragically many gospel artists are conforming (or have already) conformed to world (and anti-Christ music industry) that mocks, blaspheme, and advocates idolatry,  fornication, shacking up, sodomy, profanity, gossip, slander, homsexuality, lesbianism,  perversions, and etc.

Many of their fans are so bewitched by these artists because they will continue to buy, defend, and  support . rebellion instead of rebuking and praying that they will truly come to repentance and back to Christ.

Sadly many of them might not even be saved but was only pretending to be in order to obtain unGodly success, money, and fame.

This is nothing new, the apostles and Jesus himself rebuked many in their time for doing the same thing. Jesus even warned them that they would end up dying in their sins and not escape eternal damnation if they didn’t repent and truly receive Him as Savior and Lord.

You cannot mix darkness with the Light. Trying to wins souls for Christ by compromising His Word or manipulating someone to be saved with the things of world will lead to to only a momentary experience of emotionalism without Godly sorrow and repentance to truly accept Christ as Savior and Lord.

Without the  true gospel message being preached like Jesus and the the apostles preached it, you will only lead most people to a false conversion.

Trying to use the excuse of saying,  We have to get them to identify with something they can relate to insteading of doing what Jesus commanded us to do is compromising the gospel message and what the Lord commanded.

Yes we are to be emphatic, merciful, understanding, and compassionate but we are not compromise God’s Word. Just plant the seed and the Lord will make it grow unto those who will truly receive Him after being witnessed to.


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